Things To Do Before Your Session:
Women/girls make hair, nail, and/or makeup appointments before your session. Make sure your roots are touched up(if needed) and you aren’t wearing chipped nail polish to your session! 
Boys/gentlemen should trim/shave to their best looks. These are small details but we want everything to be perfect.
Plan your outfits in advance. You want to wake up feeling relaxed and prepared, so plan these details out early. With regular portrait session, you can change up to 2 extra outfits. Try to mix and match it with some formals and some completely casual outfits. Feel free to text us the photos of your wardrobe if you’re having a hard time choosing! We are happy to help.
Prepare your kids (and husband/wife) with laid-back, low-key references to let them know what’s happening. Keep things fun, lighthearted, and casual. Families have shared that this tip is especially helpful if they have a particularly shy child.
Brainstorm about specific props, mementos, or special types of images you want captured. Can search and bring some poses you really like, else we are here to advise. If you have any preferences, be sure to brainstorm them in advance and let us know as well!
How to Dress for Your Session:
Obviously, dress for the weather for outdoor shoots! We want everyone comfortable!
Wear colors in a complimentary color palette, such as earth tones and neutrals. Try to match but not exact match, unless you really want that. Similar shades are perfect. Or you can color match all kids the same and all grownups the same. Or you can have all girls match and all boys match etc.
Wear comfortable shoes and clothes you can move in. If your dress gets suddenly too short when you bend over, or your pants are too tight to sit down in, opt for more breathable pieces. Be prepared to move!
Do opt for accessories! Bowties, suspenders, hats, flower headbands, chunky scarves, beautiful flowing dresses and skirts—these create visual interest and movement in your photos, and really help the images stand apart.
Remind gentlemen to take bulky items like phones and car keys out of their pockets before we start snapping photos.
Jackets can be added for a completely different look • Include tie and hats to add more different clothing looks.
 Wrinkles WILL show up in your portraits. Iron your clothes if necessary and bring in on a hanger. Make sure your clothing is clean. 
If you wear glasses make sure they are anti-glare/reflective. Refections in the glasses are almost impossible to remove. You can bring sunglasses too to get some variety.
What to Bring to Your Photo Session:
Any personal appearance touchup items you might want, including things like lipstick or a hairbrush. Also, please bring any props you would like to be used in the photos.
Treats to bribe kiddos with! (However, it’s best not to tell kids about the treats before the session; wait until the kids start getting fatigued before you pull out candy card! They’ll usually perk right up then!) Also, make sure the snacks/treats won’t stain lips or fingers!
Bring both walkable shoes and dress shoes for outdoors if we need to walk. We will probably be walking short/moderate distances.
A change of clothes for the kiddos, in case anyone gets muddy or dirty. Feel free to bring a change of clothes or shoes. Maybe even a towel. You never know!!
How to Pose During Your Photo Session:
Laugh, play, tickle, and snuggle. This is how we’ll capture some candid moments. Try mix looking at the camera and looking at each other shots. 
When in doubt, just smile and look at your family lovingly. Stand close together. Actually, as close as possible :). Keep changing your poses after each 5-6 clicks.
Relax, slow down, and don’t force anything. Don’t feel pressured to make everything perfect! Just be present with your family and we’ll do the rest. And don’t stress if any of the kids get fussy! Just snuggle your kiddos and we can still capture beautiful images :)
Expect me to move you around to different spots to capture images. The more variety we get, the bigger your gallery and the more great shots we have the opportunity to create together!
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